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Moving PEP8 to the PyCQA

tl;dr pep8's repository has moved from Johann Rocholl's account to the Python Code-Quality Authority organization.

It's my great pleasure to announce that the pep8 project has moved to the PyCQA organization on GitHub and will hopefully enjoy an expanded team of maintainers as a result. This comes after a discussion between Johann, pep8's creator, Ian Lee, and I discussed the maintenance of pep8. As we all know too well, real life must come before open source software. It can be extremely difficult to keep up unless you have the financial privilege to spend your free time doing free work for a large community.

Recognizing this, Johann and Ian agreed to move the project into the PyCQA so that we can easily add and remove new contributors as necessary to keep a satisfied user-base and to appropriately fix and address bugs.

Changing Location, Not Changing Hands

One thing that I really want to stress is that pep8 is not changing maintainers. I am but one more person to help out. Ian Lee will still be the primary maintainer of pep8 for the foreseeable future and both Florent Xicluna and Johann are still able to merge fixes, close bugs, etc. The team is not changing, just where the project is housed.

What does this mean for the PyCQA?

Not much really. We're happy to house and help maintain the project and to help foster the community around pep8 into being productive and positive.

Will pep8 move to GitLab?

No. There's no reason for it to do so.

Will Flake8 and the other projects mirrored from GitLab move to GitHub?

No. There's no reason for them to move.

Why have an organization split across services?

Well, it's good to use a distributed version control system in a distributed fashion. It's also a matter of a difference of opinion between the communities using pep8 and Flake8. the community around Flake8 specifically requested that it be hosted on a Free and Open Source Software platform. With Gitorious shutting its doors, GitLab is the best option. It also allows users to sign in via GitHub OAuth Flow and has a similar enough interface to GitHub for users to be comfortable. Further, the PyCQA is not the only organization that has repositories split across services. The Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) has repositories on both GitHub and BitBucket.

What does this mean for my issues and pull requests on pep8?

Hopefully you'll enjoy faster responses and feedback. Unless the changes are tiny, I probably will not be merging them unless Ian, Johann, and Florent are comfortable with me doing so. I will be performing code review though and I hope others will join the effort.

How can I join the PyCQA?

Contribute to one or more of our projects and those projects' administrators will probably invite you to their team.

Can I house my project in the PyCQA?

Yes! As long as it has a focus on linting, style checking, or simply improving the quality of Python, it definitely can live here. We'll give you administrative rights over the project and let you invite people to teams to work on the project.